The 4 Best Outsourced IT Support Companies in Austrailia

Every business needs reliable IT support for increased efficiency and productivity. Effective IT support plays an important role in the smooth running of your business and enables you to stay competitive and cope with tech-related concerns with ease. 


IT support has now become more of a necessity for businesses as you need IT experts to solve problems in the realm of tech and to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology trends or best practices. 


IT support companies come in handy here as they help you find all the right resources that best serve your needs. These agencies can provide you with the ultimate solutions for all the IT or tech-related concerns that growing businesses and IT projects face.


Finding the right one can be a bit tricky though, especially in Australia. For that, we can be your guide. Here are the best outsourced IT support companies in Australia that are worth considering.


What Are Outsourced IT Support Companies?

Outsourced IT support companies are third-party entities that provide you with the managed IT services and support tailored to your needs and requirements like:

  • IT consultation
  • IT troubleshooting 
  • Tech diagnosis
  • Skill sourcing
  • Network management
  • Network security
  • Data migration support
  • Cloud support
  • IT helpdesk
  • And more

Now that you are familiar with the type of services and solutions provided by outsourced IT support companies, let’s get started with the list of recommendations that may be fitting to your needs. 


Cloud Solution IT 

Cloud Solution IT is one of the leading IT support companies that help you cater to all the tech-oriented needs of your business. It provides IT solutions to businesses of all sizes and independent IT projects across all verticals. Cloud Solution IT offers support in a variety of areas such as network monitoring, cloud services, VoIP services, Citrix managed services, cybersecurity, IT helpdesk, and many more. 


With a team of certified IT professionals, Cloud Solution IT enables you to take your business to new heights by facilitating you with modern-day technology solutions tailored to your needs. From setting up an IT infrastructure to need-based support, Cloud Solution IT is a one-stop platform that suffices for everything.


Cloud Solution IT offers 24/7 support throughout the year to help you troubleshoot your problems and ensure efficiency across all domains. Here are some of the services that are offered by Cloud Solution IT. 


Key Services 

  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • IT Support
  • VoIP Services
  • Virtual CIO Services
  • Citrix Managed Services


Top 3 Services


1. Managed IT Services

Cloud Solution IT offers managed IT services to leading businesses in Australia including 24/7 support for all your tech needs. You can contact their team of certified IT professionals and tech experts from anywhere and they will cater to your queries and concerns via remote IT support. Apart from the remote support, Cloud Solution IT also provides on-site support to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues being faced by a business. 


2. Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Solution IT’s managed cloud support allows you to leverage the skills of certified IT professionals with years of experience in providing businesses with cloud solutions – installation from ground-up, data migration, cloud management, and need-based solutions. Cloud Solution IT efficiently monitors your data on the cloud and provides detailed insights regarding all the activities such as deletion and modification. The outsourced agency manages, troubleshoots, and diagnoses all the technical problems your company is facing in successfully installing and managing cloud services. 


3. Network Monitoring and Management

CloudSolutionIT facilitates your businesses with network monitoring and management solutions to ensure optimal performance of your IT infrastructure. The support services ensure that your network is up-to-date and is smoothly running at all times by keeping firewalls, switches, and routers in check. Cloud Solution IT continuously monitors your servers, computers, and other network elements – identifying and resolving problems before they hinder any of your business operations.


Contact Information 



Cloud Solution IT provides custom price plans depending on your IT support needs. You can contact their representatives for quotations based on your requirements.



Cloud Solution IT offers a variety of IT support solutions – catering to the versatile tech requirements of its clients. Taking into consideration the wide range of services provided, the rating of Cloud Solution IT as an outsourced IT support company currently stands at 4.8 out of 5. 


Why Choose Cloud Solution IT?

Cloud Solution IT is a one in all solution for your IT support needs. It provides a complete range of solutions tailored to best serve your requirements. Cloud Solution IT allows its clients to ask for remote and/or on-premise solutions – providing them access to robust support 24/7. With Cloud Solution IT, you pay for what you request, there are no hidden charges. All these reasons and a team of experienced IT professionals – make Cloud Solution IT a worthy inclusion in our recommendation list.


Business ICT Partners

Business ICT Partners provides a wide range of IT solutions and support. Their expertise lies in delivering internet-based solutions to small, medium, and large businesses. Whether IT infrastructure or securing your cyberspace, they cover it all. Business ICT Partners ensures transparency by offering clients an online portal to monitor the performance of availed services.


Key Services

  • Managed IT Services 
  • End-User IT Services 
  • Managed Desktop Services 
  • Centralized IT Services
  • Remote IT Support
  • Cyber Security 
  • IT Audit


Top 3 Services 


1. Remote IT Support

Business ICT Partners provides a wide range of remote IT Support for their clients. The company provides a reliable IT infrastructure that brings stability to the business by ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Their remote IT support includes:


  • Remote Virus Removal and Protection 
  • Remote Desktop and Laptop Speed Cleaning 
  • Remote Desktop and Laptop Setup 
  • Remote Network Drive Setup
  • Remote Malware Removal and Protection 
  • Remote Wireless Network Setup 
  • Remote Printer and Address Book Setup 
  • Remote Cloud and Local Data Backups
  • Remote Spyware Removal and Protection 
  • Remote Server Configuration 
  • Remote VPN and Remote Access Setup


2. End-user IT service

There has been a dynamic change in IT over the past decade. Organizations cannot sustain without digital transformation. Business ICT Partners provides extensive IT support services. Offers centralized IT management where security and other essential applications are automatically deployed.


3. Managed Desktop Services

Desktop setup and management is a time-consuming and complex task. Business ICT Partners offers mobile device management, data backup recovery, security, and technical support. In addition, they have 24/7 IT support for the clients that ensures clients’ desktop services run error-free.


Contact Information



Cloud Solution IT provides custom price plans depending on your IT support needs. You can contact their representatives for quotations based on your requirements.



Business ICT Partners provides impactful end-to-end IT solutions. Considering this, we rate them 4.7/5 stars. 


Why Choose Business ICT Partners?

Business ICT Partners helps businesses with all solutions from wireless configuration to a full-scale technology program. They offer flexible solutions where customers can select the customized package best suited for their organization. In addition, they provide reliable IT infrastructure, a wide range of remote IT support services, cyber security, and cloud services. 


Kaine Mathrick Tech

KMT serves small and medium-size organizations with extensive IT support services and cybersecurity. In addition, it provides tailored technology solutions for businesses. Besides IT support services, KMT provides IT consultancy and daily IT infrastructure support. Established in 2010, KMT delivers IT support to various sectors in Australia. 


Key Services 

  • IT Managed Support
  • Managed IT Services
  • Remote Working & Remote Desktop Solutions
  • Service Desk
  • IT Strategy and Consulting
  • Cyber Security


Top 3 Services 


1. IT Managed Support 

KMT provides IT support services for small and medium-sized organizations. They provide personalized solutions based on clients’ demands. KMT mainly provides onsite support, antivirus and email management, website monitoring, virtual host management, and Office365 support and administration.


2. IT Strategy and Consulting

KMT’s IT consulting team collaborates with top vendors to devise a sound strategy for their clients. They also provide project management and delivery services that include installations and backups. In addition, their clients can get an extensive review of technology already adapted and helps them to identify the areas where technology can be used to enhance efficiency. KMT consultants also help procure and supply hardware and software for their clients.


3. Cyber Security

KMT provides tailored cyber security solutions. Their local security support can provide immediate assistance in a cyber attack. Their triple-layer protection tackles phishing, malware, and ransomware. Proactive management service helps clients identify their vulnerabilities and recommends the required actions to overcome them. KMT also offers cyber audit and cyber security awareness training.


Contact Information



KMT provides tailored solutions depending on your IT support needs. You can contact their representatives for quotations based on your requirements.



KMT provides a wide range of remote and onsite IT support services with a satisfied customer base. We rate them 4.8/5 stars.  


Why Choose KMT?

Kaine Mathrick Tech provides a full range of IT support services for small and medium range businesses. They offer tailored solutions based on client needs. They also provide efficient infrastructure solutions. IT consultants help organizations devise a sound strategy that fulfills all your technological needs and helps in the hardware and software procurement process. In addition, their expert cyber security teams make sure your data is safe and sound with their triple-layer protection. KMT provides offsite and onsite IT services, and their customer support teams are available round the clock.


CRT Network Solutions

CRT Network Solutions provides a full range of IT support services to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. The company provides you with technical support and useful capabilities such as IT management, cybersecurity, cloud services, server installation, network installation, hardware/software sourcing, and more. Here are some of the key services offered by CRT Network Solutions to its clients. 


Key services 

  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Server and Network Services 
  • Data Migration Services
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • VOIP & PBX Solutions
  • Office 365 Support
  • Local IT Management Support
  • On-Site & Remote IT Support
  • Hardware Supply & Installation
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Firewalls & Security Solutions
  • 24/7 System Monitoring


Top 3 services


1. Managed IT Solutions

CRT Network Solutions offers managed IT support services – providing clients with maintenance solutions for IT infrastructure to ensure limited downtime, increased performance, and reduced costs. The company also offers software and hardware installation solutions on the need-basis. Moreover, CRT is one of the affordable IT support providers to consider in Australia.


2. VOIP & PBX Solutions

CRT Network Solutions offers VOIP solutions in accordance with your business needs and that too at minimal upfront cost. Whether it’s setting up the system from the ground up with capabilities like caller ID, call forwarding to mobile, 3-way calling, voicemail to email, and HD call quality or providing support services for a system that’s already set up, CRT Network Solutions is your go-to agency for VOIP and PBX solutions tailored to your requirements.


3. Office 365 Support

CRT Network Solutions provides solutions for businesses of all sizes and allows you to effortlessly and securely migrate from one platform to another through their Microsoft 365 migration service – deploying systematic measures to prevent data loss and minimize downtime. The company provides you with untiring assistance throughout the process – ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition. 


Contact Information 



CRT Network Solutions charges on an hourly basis for their support solutions. The average hourly rate of CRT Network Solutions is $100 – $149 



CRT Network Consultants provides a wide range of IT support services. Their customer support team is experienced and responsive. We rate them 4.8/5 stars.


Why Choose CRT Network Solutions

CRT Network Consultants offers comprehensive and reliable IT support services to businesses of all sizes. Their experienced team of certified IT professionals caters to the needs of diverse industries such as medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, and more. 


Moreover, the company offers support solutions in the domain of cybersecurity catering to the needs like virus protection, two-factor authentication, device security, and more.

Taking into consideration all these factors CRT Network Solutions is a good option for businesses that are looking for outsourced IT support solutions. 


The Verdict

Today, information technology plays a pivotal role in steering your business towards success. At the same time, many businesses struggle to embrace it or find it difficult to cope with the challenges it brings along. This is where IT support companies come in handy – providing tailored solutions and services that best serve the needs of growing businesses concerning tech along with IT projects.


However, choosing one that’s more fitting to your needs can be a difficult task. Therefore, in this article, we have recommended the top-rated outsourced IT support companies in Australia to help you make an informed decision. The companies listed are a few leading names that offer custom IT support solutions – catering to the needs of businesses in diverse industries.


Among the alternatives listed, Cloud Solution IT stands tall at the top of our recommendation list as the company offers tailored IT support and solutions – bringing you a step closer to utilizing your resource capacity and infrastructure to its full potential.