Getting your current MSP situation “Back on Track”
Friday | 14:00 AEDT

The webinar will focus on when you are selecting your first or a new MSP. Every organisation will have some sort of procurement process – so you’ll need to take that into account. Involve the right people – IT leadership, key business operational people most impacted, decision-makers who sign off on the money, and vendor. Take your time & get some independent help if you need it. Getting this right at the start will set the tone for and help avoid common pitfalls we mentioned and talked about more in our earlier podcast. Finalise your selection and get a clear understanding in a written agreement – roles, responsibilities, SLAs, pricing, account management and any items you are concerned about.

Here’re few key questions that speakers will answer during the session:

  • Approach and Process outline
  • Experience, Expertise, & Process to Manage Your Business Demands
  • What Account Management approach will be best for your organisation ?
  • What strategic focus do you want for your MSP?
  • Can evolve the services they provide – and stay Valuable – as Your Organization Grows
  • Price vs ownership cost
  • Understand each MSPs’ Pricing Structure
  • Check Credentials, Case Studies, and Testimonials
  • Understand the Service Level Agreement (SLA)