Devops as a Service

Cloud Solution IT is a team of talented and highly qualified Architects, DevOps Engineers and Developers. We have 7+ years of on-hand experience in building cloud solutions of high availability and containers’ orchestration. Our staff is greatly skilled in deployment automation and infrastructure optimization for high-load projects.

We help Enterprise clients modernise the way they work, helping them to move to a lean, value driven operating model commonly known as DevOps.


We introduce the necessary automation so that applications and infrastructure can be managed at speed and efficiently, maximising security without introducing risk.


We follow a proven template and data-driven maturity and business case framework to transform large organisations IT delivery capability.

What We Do

  • Architecture

  • Development

  • Deploy

  • Support

Kubernetes Services & Support

  • Migration to Kubernetes

  • Implementation, Deployment and Configuration of Kubernetes

  • Support

  • Kubernetes Consulting

Our Benefits

  • Сhoosing the best technologies

  • Deep understanding of the business logic

  • Stable operating environments

  • MVP launch in 2 weeks

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