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Are you in need of IT Security Experts? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the options available? If so, our solutions might be the perfect fit for you. We focus on ensuring the highest information assets and network security practices. We assist in implementing cyber security measures to minimise risks, comply with regulations, and achieve ISO 27001 standards.

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What is ISO 27001 Implementation?

ISO 27001 execution represents a practical methodology for organisations to fortify their security blueprint by adhering to an internationally acknowledged standard. The ISO Standard permits the pinpointing of security threats and forecasting of security risks in an effective way. 

ISO 27001, globally acknowledged and certified, sets the standard for information security.

The application of the ISO 27001 principles can be carried out by:

Constructing a security policy to protect intellectual property and other assets.

Establishing the reach of your security management systems.

Conducting a thorough risk assessment to understand the potential security risks.

Overseeing and managing the threats identified.

Deciding on the control objectives to implement, which helps prevent security incidents.

Can your organisation become ISO certified with the assistance of the project leader?

Our team of experts will provide the know-how and guidance for a successful ISO 27001 certification. Our customised implementation package is tailored to your industry needs and budget. 

We are an experienced consultancy with strong customer service, so you can rest assured that your organisation is in safe hands.

High-Grade Information Security

At CSIT, we understand the importance of ISO 27001 certification and the impact it can have on businesses. Our expert auditors are experienced in successfully implementing this certification for our clients. Our experience has enabled us to develop a tailored approach that meets each company’s individual needs.

Determine ISMS Scope

After enforcing the ISO 27001 international security standard, how does one discern the project’s scope? We account for the interests of stakeholders, encompassing both clients and investors. We specify the domains that fall within the purview of the strategy, encompassing employees within the corporation, safeguarding intellectual property and other assets on the company premises, devices in transit like staff laptops, and cloud-based information. Thus, utilising the ISO Standard will ensure you are well-equipped to handle any security threat.

Preparing the Information Security Policy

Post establishing the scope, it’s essential to record the security policy. Our experts help you draft this key document, pointing out security risks and outlining vital areas of information security. With our support, you can:

1. Set security objectives

2. Outline the framework for achieving set goals

3. Pledge commitment to the plan

4. Allocate communication roles and security responsibilities

5. Indicate the scope of the security management systems

6. Detail measurement metrics

Once the policy is ready, the management supervises the project’s implementation in an organised way, aiding in mitigating any security threat while abiding by the ISO standard.

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk management is at the heart of any security project. Our primary tasks consist of risk assessment and planning for risk mitigation. The former helps identify potential security threats and risks your organisation might face, allowing for evaluating risks across various assets and endpoints. The latter step focuses on determining security safeguards to prevent potential security incidents.

Control Implementation

Establishing security controls is the first step towards control implementation. Once authorised, the execution phase can commence, guided by our expert’s roadmap. The procedure includes revamping existing internal security systems and implementing all necessary documents. The applied controls, consistent with predefined parameters, allow for assessing the success of your security management systems’ objectives.

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ISMS Readiness Review

Post-implementation, our experts meticulously review your organisation to determine its success in achieving ISO 27001 certification. This involves preparing your audit team, assisting in internal audits, evaluating the audit results, and addressing any gaps identified, ensuring a secure environment and effective security management systems.

Certification Support

Finally, it’s time to seek ISO 27001 certification. As the process can be intimidating, our team aids you at every stage. We work with your internal team to prepare for the lead auditors, providing experienced advice, recommendations, and assistance in addressing inconsistencies and non-conformities. This final step propels you towards achieving your ISO 27001 certification.

Customised Implementation Project

Our service revolves around providing client-focused solutions. We consider your sector’s needs, budget, and scope to pace the implementation project for effective security management systems in line with the ISO standard.

Cost-Effective Plans

Our ISO 27001 consulting and implementation services are efficient in terms of time and cost. Leveraging years of experience, we utilize proven methods to expedite project implementation, effectively managing security risks and threats.

Continuous Assistance

Rather than a one-time intervention, we provide continuous support. We guide you through each step towards ISO 27001 certification, managing security risks, conducting internal audits, and enhancing security management systems to handle any security threat effectively.

Expert Guidance

We provide a specialised team proficient in ISO 27001 certification. You receive a clearly defined project roadmap with outlined control objectives, periodic updates, and regular meetings for effective security management.

ISO 27001 Implementation

We ensure the comprehensive and successful implementation of your ISO 27001, including verification of all requisite documents to meet regulatory standards and effectively manage security risks and potential threats.

Audit Support

In addition to implementing ISO 27001, our team supports you throughout the audit process. We offer on-site help and address identified gaps during the gap analysis, ensuring a successful audit outcome and efficient security management.

Why Get ISO 27001 Implementation From Us?

Are you seeking key reasons to engage IT Security Experts for your ISO 27001 implementation? We offer numerous benefits designed to maximise facilitation for your organisation in managing security risks and achieving the international standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for information security. It helps an organisation identify threats and risks to its information security. 

To become ISO 27001 certified, your organisation will need someone knowledgeable about the ISO 27001 framework and its implementation. This usually includes technical expertise. You may also seek services from experts like us, who can guide you.

Determining the ISMS scope involves considering stakeholders’ interests, defining the endpoints covered by the plan, and understanding the security environment your company needs. 

Preparing the Information Security Policy involves documenting the security plan, listing security loopholes, defining security goals, establishing a commitment to the plan, assigning roles and responsibilities, stating the ISMS scope, and listing measurement metrics.

Risk and assessment management involve two critical functions: risk assessment and risk treatment planning. Risk assessment allows you to identify risks and threats to which your organisation might be vulnerable. Risk treatment planning involves deciding on security safeguards to avoid potential accidents.

Control Implementation involves defining security controls and implementing them. This process might involve modifying existing internal security systems and implementing documents per the identified controls.

An ISMS readiness review is conducted after implementation to ascertain if your organisation successfully achieves ISO 27001 certification. This process involves preparing your organisation’s audit team, assisting them in conducting internal audits, assessing the audit results, and addressing any gaps during the audit.

We provide support at every stage of the certification process, from advising and recommendations to helping address inconsistencies and non-conformities and collaborating with your internal team as they meet the lead auditors.

Our customised implementation project is a customer-centric solution tailored to your industry requirements and budget. It lets you determine the pace of the implementation project.

We offer ISO 27001 consulting and implementation services that are time-effective and cost-effective. Our team provides ongoing support, manages threats and risks, conducts internal audits, and improves security systems. 

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