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Free IT Audit

Are your IT systems within your business giving you a headache?

Do you have endless IT problems, such as poor network optimisation or connectivity issues?

Are you worried about viruses and your business’s online security?

Don’t spend thousands trying to fix these issues we can help you quickly and efficiently with a free IT audit.

Work together seamlessly

We understand that each company is unique and that each business has different goals and targets. Because we tailor each IT audit to suit you, we create a seamless operation that provides you with the most useful information for your business.

Ready for your free IT audit?

Get the tech health of your business analysed today by contacting us.

What our Free IT Audit provides

We will give your company an IT health check, providing you with an in-depth report detailing what we find. This information will include information on your networks, communications, IT security and hardware such as phone equipment.

You can hire us to conduct regular reports and monitoring from remote locations, so we can flag up any IT issues that might arise within your business.

The Process

Ok, you’re ready for us to help, but how does it work? The process is simple and we’ll have an IT health check of your business in process in these three simple steps.

1. We’ll meet or call you for this first step; our aim is to gain as much information as we can about the needs of your business and how your IT systems are set up. We will leave the meeting with a thorough understanding of how your IT systems work.

2. The second phase is all about performing the audit. This free IT audit will cover the IT infrastructure within your business and our trained experts will gather as much information as possible for this process. We will deploy our unique auditing tool that will search high and low within your network to discover your IT systems.

3. In the final phase of the audit, we’ll send you the results of the audit. These reports will include any risks we spotted and any issues we found. We’ll also suggest changes you can make to improve your business’s IT infrastructure as well as an asset report.