Medical IT Services

We provide value for Medical practices through our IT Services that fits your needs.

The medical industry or health care encircles a broad range of businesses – all dependent on phone correspondence. The modern medical practices and health care sector are migrating to medical telemarketing service to get in touch with their patients. With medical telehealth services, insurance and health care (HC) professionals can focus on the central work of caring for patients and clients. Small and medium-sized medical practices that remain hesitant about Managed Service Providers (MSP) are not realizing the value or the peace of mind that comes with having this service.

Some of the advantages of using a Manage Services provider that specializes in Medical IT include better cost control and a more comprehensive and up-to-date IT infrastructure that’s dependable, stable, and allows medical practices to comply with regulatory compliances.

Advantages of Managed Service providers to Medical IT

Here’s how you can get value out of our Managed Medical IT Services

Reduce cost

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s significant to be as cost-effective as possible. Especially in Medical IT, where poorly managed systems cost is extremely high, it’s essential to have a system that works within a budget but doesn’t compromise on quality. Managed Service providers (MSP) ensure the most feasible and practical way to accomplish that, especially in the long term.

Deal with increasingly complex health IT solutions

With both hardware and software components of Medical IT systems constantly evolving, medical practices with limited budgets may very well find them left behind over time. But with Managed Services, medical practices are able to take the benefits of the latest health IT solutions at diminished cost empowering the practice to provide the excellent care to their patients.

Gives healthcare organizations a better, more dependable IT infrastructure

It is quite expensive to maintain an in-house IT staff particularly for smaller medical practices. Managed service providers (MSP) assist medical practices reduce IT related expenses considerably allowing them to concentrate their focus and efforts on their patient’s care and outcomes. In addition performance monitoring allows the ability to view and analyze the performance metrics of the practice IT infrastructure over time, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, network utilization and others.

We work with all leading practice management software products

Including Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Shexie, FrontDesk, TM2, Incisive and Bluechip.

We also work with a number of other less known software programs as well – Contact us for unbiased advice on which clinical management software will best suit your practice.


24/7 Support

Support, maintenance, and management for part or all of your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to specified SLAs.


At Cloud Solutions IT, we help your practice staff with setting up things like letter templates, mailing lists, Argus integration, Appointment book setup etc, without directing you to call your software provider for assistance. If we fail to answer you straight way, we will contact the software vendor on your behalf and contact you with the solution. This ensures you are not wasting time contacting multiple vendors. Medical IT services services allow the practice to possess a stable, responsive, and dependable IT wing that’s dedicated to fulfil the specific requirements of the practice in a the cost-effective way.