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One of the biggest advantages of the digital revolution we are going through is the boost in connectivity combined with enhanced mobility. Wherever we go, whatever we are doing, we have devices we can use to keep us connected to people, things, and processes that matter; people, things, and processes that keep us creative.

This is a great advancement for businesses, especially the capability to access productivity tools with a simple touch, no matter where we are. We know the value of staying connected even when on the move. We also know the value of being able to share information, data, and contacts seamlessly. 

At Cloud Solutions IT, we believe Office 365 makes this type of sharing easier and more reliable, allowing you and your people to remain productive wherever they happen to be. From email to web apps to communication services, Office 365 brings together all of Microsoft’s productivity tools and provides an easy and cost-effective platform for enterprises to move to the cloud.

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Intelligent Security

Intelligent Security

Security is an integral part of cloud services. Since Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity services suite, every person in the company will have access to every file or document they may require. With a 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption, no unauthorised personnel can read Office 365 applications and continuously monitor for suspicious activity in your system and takes immediate action with a robust incident protocol in place. Office 365 has an intelligent security management system; threat protection, information protection, and identity & access management that can help businesses save on huge additional costs arising due to data theft.


Office 365 helps businesses with enhanced workers productivity and ultimately saving big on costs. At Cloud Solutions IT, We ensure the best software solutions that can help you incorporate Microsoft Office 365 and also be aligned to your enterprise productivity solutions and features like SharePoint, exchange and Skype.

cost reduction

Reduced cost

As a subscription service, Microsoft Office 365 can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a single person office or have dozens of employees. At Cloud Solutions IT, we provide Microsoft Office 365 services that help you to reduce cost, take your productivity to the next level and grow your organisation with the ability to work anytime anywhere. In addition, we provide office 365 services with backup data centres which transfer customers hosted by one data centre to another with minimal interruption.

Office 365 offers seamless transitions to your mobile devices with Outlook and Office right in the palms of your hands. With cloud-hosted server solutions and office 365, you will have access to SharePoint and Exchange capabilities, without the cost or administrative hassles. Microsoft Office 365 brings desktop computing power to all of your mobile devices.


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It is our mission as a managed service provider to offer an IT support service to our clients that is professional, friendly and communicable. Servicing small and medium-size businesses, we are specialists in medical IT support. This specialisation comes from a deep understanding of the demand of the professional and the modern day reliable on technological support in the medical field.


We pride ourselves on being a point of reliance for our in-demand clients, so we can focus on the technology, while they can concentrate on saving lives.

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