Usability of password: Make your business data safe in the cloud


In the modern digital era, where the technology is migrating to Cloud Computing, the majority of the organizations operate their applications on cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing enables them to utilize the cloud infrastructure or other cloud-hosted software by pay-per-use service or subscriptions. Security is one of the major considerations for companies and end-users leveraging from the cloud. Cloud vendors should provide reliable services with security at multiple layers – data, application, infrastructure, and end-user. It is significant that customers should take required actions for data security, without assuming that cloud solution will deal with security concerns on its own. Hence you can check with the vendors as to what they offer for data protection while in addition protecting your data with secured passwords for data access and constantly updating them.

Important considerations while selecting the passwords:-

You should select the password which is difficult to guess and easy to remember. If you do not have a strong password or are not serious to maintain their confidentiality, you will be targeted easily by hackers. Also, the majority of people create outrageous passwords that are easy to forget. People tend to implement easy-to-remember information such as phone numbers or birthdays for their passwords. But, using such data makes you vulnerable to hackers. The following are some tips to consider while creating a strong password.

Make use of characters:- You should select varieties of special characters in order to make the password hard to crack. You may use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters or may implement at least one special character while framing the password.

Don’t use common words:- You should select the password which is unique to you and has special meaning to only you. In addition, you also take care of it that it should not be the common names which you can easily find in the dictionary. Apart from this, you should not include dates or words which are easily linked with you like family names, birth dates, anniversary dates, or pet names. Although these words help your password easy to remember, they also make the people guess them easily.

Be responsible:- It has been found in the recent survey that both customers and providers seldom take the responsibility for data security on the cloud. In fact, most of the providers believe that it is the customer’s responsibility to secure their data – which is unfair. While both the parties blame each other for data infringement, in reality, both are equally responsible if data is hacked. You should pay attention to safeguard your data with secured passwords and update them consistently.

Before you host your application with cloud computing, you must check the strengths, weaknesses, security features like strong passwords, costs, and performance capabilities. With security measures, physical security, and redundancy, Cloud-based solutions enable superior data protection if managed and implemented correctly. Cloud storage facilities are regularly upgraded as per the latest threats and new technology. Besides malware detection and anti-virus software updates, you must make sure your IT service providers are able to detect and quickly remedy data breaches that may occur.