Why Cloud Hosted Email Is the Perfect Solution for Your Business


For years, individuals and businesses have been enjoying the benefits of Internet-based email access. Popular providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, have all been operating for years and have millions of happy customers. Over the last few years, one of the big industry trends has been towards Cloud Computing. Managed service providers (MSP) host applications and data both and customers access it over the Internet. Many businesses are moving to cloud-hosted e-mail because of the numerous advantages it offers, not least the cost savings. Cloud computing enables us to stay connected even when we are on the move and it is set to revolutionize the way we do business.



Benefits of Cloud Hosted Email you must be aware of:-


If you are worried about the safety and security of your commercial email account, you may consider hosting it on a cloud platform. Some benefits of cloud-hosted e-mail are mentioned below:-

Implements A Higher Security Level For Corporate Emails:- The beauty of email hosting lies in the level of security provided by a trained staff of professional server administrators and network communication experts. The multi-layer email security prevents spam, phishing scams, and hackers from compromising the company’s emails. Your business is secure and your employees receive assurance that even their personal information is safe. Providers of email hosting services usually secure their servers with 128-bit encryption that remains in effect and stable while users access their emails. This means emails sent to and from your account are safe from intercepts and hacks. This also means tighter spam filters for you and your employees.

Inexpensive Email Storage And Maintenance Costs:- In addition to extensive email security, email hosting takes away the problem of purchasing additional email servers and employing in-house professionals to maintain an internal network for the company. Managed service providers (MSP) own and maintain the email servers your company uses. You only pay for the storage and technical support provided by the hosting company.

Provides Mobile Access To Emails And Other Corporate Data:- The diversity of devices used by people today brought about the necessity of cloud computing. Through the cloud, information can be stored and managed in one location, but accessed from various places using different devices. This convenience is also available with email hosting, which provides a virtual cloud for email storage and other services. You and your employees can use smartphones, PDAs, laptops, notebooks, e-Pads, and other types of mobile devices to access email at any time anywhere. The high level of security also ensures that any information between devices is safe from intrusions. In addition, the flexibility of cloud computing also facilitates the sharing of files between devices and in multiple formats.

Cloud computing is an excellent method to host a large number of digital services. The infrastructure resides in a central location that is accessed via a single point over the internet, precluding the use of onsite servers. Many companies are now utilizing Cloud Hosted Email services because it tends to be cheaper, more scalable, and easier to upgrade to the latest level of technology.