IT support for Legal firms in Australia

Have you lost billings or missed deadlines because of your IT?

For smooth business operation, you need proper legal IT support. Your IT needs to be rock-solid, reliable, and, most importantly, able to keep your data safe and secure. 

IT Support for Legal Firms requires specialized skills. Cloud Solution IT has experienced teams who understand and are trained to meet the requirements of law firms.

We’re proud of our long-standing relationships with various practice management software. Cloud Solution IT has been providing IT support for law firms using many different practice management platforms since its inception in 1999. Since that time we have seen many changes in the way law firms operate and their increasing reliance on their IT systems.


Cloud Solution IT provides a range of IT support, computer support, and help desk services for law firms, legal practices, and sole practitioners in Australia. We manage IT so solicitors and law firms can give their full attention to running their practice rather than worrying about their network security and IT infrastructure.

How our Legal IT support will help your practice

Execute a free on-site evaluation of your IT systems and devices.
Keep your network running without downtime.
Manage your software platforms to make sure they run at their best.
Monitor and maintain your network to detect issues before they become a problem.
Be your single point of contact for all things IT. We will liaise with the various IT vendors essential to your practice for you.

Compliance, Archival, Disaster Preparedness, and Recovery

For many firms meeting various compliance and archival requirements can be constant stress. Law firms by their nature often house much confidential information, whether it be their own or perhaps, more importantly, their client’s. As such, law firms are increasingly becoming a target of cyberattacks, denial of service, and ransomware. Cloud Solution IT specializes in Cloud-based backup solutions that can assist with all the issues mentioned here. We can take backups many times per day or per hour, depending on your requirements and then store these off-site for maximum security. Additionally, Cloud Solution IT can also help if you are unsure whether cloud or on-premise is right for your business.


24/7 Support

Support, maintenance, and management for part or all of your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to specified SLAs.

Your IT system is the lifeblood of your firm – just a single attack could cost many tens of thousands of dollars of lost fees and recovery costs