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Accelerate your IT transformation now with Cloud Solution IT.

    What We Do

    Cloud Solution IT offers personalised IT solution to the potential clients

    Cloud Services

    Our customised Cloud Services help to increase teamwork and enhance better mobility. Our bespoke Cloud Service has a great ability to increase your business efficiency.

    Managed IT Services

    With the help of our dedicated Managed IT Services the professionals manage the entire phases of your IT units such as networking monitoring, help desk, and others.

    IT Support

    Our customer care executives are available 24x7 to assist you and support your network to a great extent.


    Our cyber expert helps to protect your systems from unnecessary viruses and malfunctions and provide complete security to your data and systems.

    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Cloud Solution IT offers you the excellent and the most trustworthy computer hard drive backup. Our professional Cloud Solution IT offers great Disaster recovery service to the clients.

    What We Do and What We Offer

    We are Australia based leading IT services and technology company with over 2 decades of experience. Everything from solution design to support is provided by Cloud Solution IT. With the help of IT support business software (Microsoft-centric) and cloud solutions we put our expertise to good use and transform many SMEs. In the digital economy, business is as good as its IT which is why we modernise the IT infrastructure so you can compete and win. Our customised IT services focus on improvements to your IT environment and improving business scalability.

    We have put together a list of services that we offer. Whether you are looking to enhance your end-user experience, add scalability to your business, reduce business downtime, or modernise your IT platform, we are here to help.

    Cloud Solution IT’s robust portfolio of services allows businesses to collaborate towards a stronger IT system and achieve the benefits of a good IT infrastructure. 

    How can we help you?

    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Cloud Solution IT offers backup support in case of any unforeseen incident. With the help of our disaster recovery programme, you won't have to worry about accidentally losing your data.

    Cloud Services

    Outsourcing your cloud computing will save you the trouble of handling the technical aspects yourself. Our customised cloud services will enable your business to scale efficiently.


    Security is a constant issue and one that needs to be taken care of immediately. Your platform and devices will be constantly checked for vulnerabilities, number of threats reduced, monitored and responded to.

    Managed IT Services

    Experience high efficiency and timely improvement of your IT environment through our managed IT services.
    Now you don't need to spend excessively to obtain IT stability.

    IT Support

    Our IT support team will always monitor and resolve reported and detection issues in your IT infrastructure in order to improve its efficiency.



    Cloud solution IT offers exceptional services to its clients. We take pride in being quick to respond and handle your queries. Let us know how we can help make your business’s IT better.


    Our IT experts assess and track the client’s precise requirements and offer them excellent services according to their needs.


    Cloud solution IT studies its client’s requirements with the help of thorough investigation and offer them a solution, compatible with their needs. 

    Our professionals are ready to analyse your IT needs to ensure better results.


    Small businesses are dynamic and they require a proper functioning IT infrastructure in order to turn in results. Our customised services compliment small businesses perfectly as it can result in good ROI.

    network audit


    We as a dedicated company offer the free problem prevention Network Audit. Our professionals will visit your site and work constantly to provide security evaluation and guide you on how you can accomplish your goals easily.



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    Getting On-Board

    It is our mission as a managed service provider to offer an IT support service to our clients that is professional, friendly and communicable. Servicing small and medium-size businesses, we are specialists in medical IT support. This specialisation comes from a deep understanding of the demand of the professional and the modern day reliable on technological support in the medical field.


    We pride ourselves on being a point of reliance for our in-demand clients, so we can focus on the technology, while they can concentrate on saving lives.

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