• After Hiring CLOUD SOLUTION IT… Magic!!!

    Before we engaged CLOUD SOLUTION IT, 30 employees came to me with endless issues and problems. As the Director of Finance, I am concerned about security since we have a great deal of intellectual property on our laptops and servers.After hiring CLOUD SOLUTION IT…magic!!! I can stop worrying about IT! Now the employees just contact them and I know their problems are being handled by the experts.
    What a time saver and an anxiety reducer!
    I’m a very demanding customer who absolutely needs quality service and fast response, and they’ve never let me down. Their response time is better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. If you need things done yesterday and with efficiency and accuracy, CLOUDSOLUTIONIT is the way to go.

    Sheryl - Afford2Smile Dental
  • IT Service That Is Tailored for Us!

    When I first started working with CLOUD SOLUTION IT, I was the CEO of a start-up engineering company. CLOUD SOLUTION IT’s Managed IT Services was quite flexible and fit our need at every stage of our growth. We had the benefit of CLOUD SOLUTION IT’s experienced staff, who assisted us with our technical decisions by offering methods to reduce our spending initially and grow IT features as we grew.
    If I can identify one key benefit of working with CLOUD SOLUTION IT, it is the flexibility in their Service. They took care of all our needs and suggested added features only when we needed them.If you are a growing business, pick CLOUD SOLUTION IT, they will work with you to provide your IT needs as your business grows.

    Dinesh Ramanathan Founder & Executive VP Yowie Technologies
  • One Word to Describe CLOUD SOLUTION IT’s Service: Reliability!

    After moving to CLOUD SOLUTION IT’s Managed IT Service, we experienced almost no down time.When issues arose, their response was fast. When we needed a modification, they were addressed expeditiously. CLOUD SOLUTION IT acted like a true partner, working with us finding the best tool at the best cost/benefit.
    If you are Business Manager, considering outsourcing your IT, I would recommend that you talk to CLOUD SOLUTION IT, take the time to explain your needs and challenges clearly and listen to their business proposal, compare it with the alternatives and then make a decision. You will see the added value with CLOUD SOLUTION IT.

    Alejandro Serrudo Director JAYB.com.au
  • CLOUD SOLUTION IT Brings a Complete IT Solution!

    By engaging CLOUD SOLUTION IT, the biggest benefit we gained was that I don’t have to split my limited IT budget between various skillsets needed to meet the ever-evolving requirements to run our IT. I do not need to use precious headcount on different roles and skill sets of IT experts. CLOUD SOLUTION IT’s team covers all roles and expertise from global connectivity, network, security, telecom, servers, and desktop support. I do not have to choose one skill set over another, as I would have had to, if I had to staff with employees or contractors.
    CLOUD SOLUTION IT does not take a set and forget approach to anything about IT. They are constantly re-evaluating our IT infrastructure and making changes as needed. Also, Philip and his staff never hide, they are always available to handle any issues. If you are looking for a IT Team that is constantly on top of things, you should go with

    Michael Lund CEO ClinicalExcellence.com.au

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