Dental IT Support in Australia

Manage your business easily with Cloud Solution IT dental services for your clinic without worrying about configuration, management, and troubleshooting. Cloud Solution IT also offers a comprehensive consultation service for individuals and groups’ everyday dental business needs.

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    Who We Are?​

    We are a team of IT professionals with years of experience in offering Managed IT Support, Custom Solutions, and Tech Diagnosis to businesses for seamless operations. Don’t want to recruit a dedicated team of professionals for IT support? We have got you covered. Focus on what you do best while we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to networking, IT infrastructure, server management, data security, and other tech solutions you need help with.

    Time And Cost Savvy

    With Dental IT services, you can easily schedule consultations, manage and retrieve patients’ E-health records, communicate with your patients via emails and calls, track records of appointments and improve customer services by enhancing your patients’ experience. It also allows you to track your business performance through data-driven real-time analysis and reports.

    Secure Data and IT Infrastructure

    We understand that patient privacy is of paramount importance for you; thus, our top priority is to ensure end-to-end protection against data loss via backups and disaster recoveries. Cloud solution IT utilizes a highly sophisticated SaaS stack for multi-access dental systems/networks to prevent breach or infiltration attempts. Additionally, our specialized team is governed by HIPAA compliances to secure your patient information against data theft and scams. Our secure networking procedures use the best firewalls to establish and maintain the network security of your IT infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.

    New Dental Office IT Setup

    Whether you’re modifying your office or have a newly based dental IT Setup that you are trying for the first time, IT setup is a crucial aspect that needs to be attained in your dental practice. A Dental Office IT setup determines the amount of workflow efficiency and patients going in and out of your dental office. This setup involves you, the doctor, a few other people, and experts who will help you in building this IT Setup. We offer the best IT setup services for your Dental practice where you can access all your patient data for your clinic.

    Prompt IT Support for Dental Practices

    The goal of having Dental IT Services on an immediate basis is very important and is also essential for the improvement of patients and policyholders. This is why we ensure that we provide quick and prompt responses to all your IT Services Requests, the same way you like to deal with your patients. Say goodbye to waiting days over days to get your IT Support Queries resolved and scale your dental practice with ease.


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    Why Choose Us?

    With a proven track record of consultancy services with leading dental care providers in Australia, we continue to offer exceptional assistance to the dental businesses with our several dental IT services. Our cost-saving solutions for your practice allow you to securely store and retrieve patient data and work freely on it.

    We offer a range of dental practice management software on our panel like Centaur, Core Practice, Henry Schein, and Sirona. Our teams manage installation, configurations, and complete IT support for your system from scratch so that you spend your time where it is needed.Contact our experts today for a free consultation to choose from our variety of IT management software that suits your business needs.

    Benefits of Our Managed IT Support

    IT Support Helpdesk​

    Reach out to us via call, email, or text, our team of experts will always be there to assist you and solve tech problems for seamless business operations.

    On-Site IT Support

    Our on-site IT support is best suited for regular maintenance and emergency assistance. Our experts are prompt in identifying and solving hardware-related problems immediately.

    Security Support

    Not only is our managed IT support prompt and precise, but our services are also in regulatory compliance with HIPAA and PCI.

    Remote IT Support

    For your IT infrastructure problems that require immediate attention, access our expert support remotely and get your issues resolved immediately.

    Network Support

    Our Network Operations Centre monitors your Firewalls, Access Points, Routers, Switches, and Network Traffic. We also solve critical issues such as network downtime via our automatic alert system - significantly improving network performance.

    Emergency Response

    Our emergency response squad is lightning-fast in catering to your queries via calls, emails, and messages for IT solutions.

    We work with all leading dental practice management softwares

    Including Centaur, Henry Schein, Sirona and Core Practice

    We also work with a number of other less known software programs as well – Contact us for unbiased advice on which clinical management software will best suit your practice.


    Cloud Solution IT is also obedient to the newest HIPAA values. You will get peace of mind understanding that your patient details are protected as per to the most up-to-date HIPAA standards.

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      Essential Dental IT Support in Australia
      Cloud solutions are changing the world of business technical support. More and more organizations are migrating their business processes to the cloud for operational efficiency, infrastructure security, data management and recovery. Cloud Solution IT helps dental businesses to avail wide-ranging cloud services without worrying about the technicalities of SaaS stack integration, provisioning, and maintenance. It is especially comforting for medicine and business professionals with moderate tech knowledge to be able to incorporate the help of reliable and competent cloud-backed consultation services to streamline their dental practice with ease.


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      Cloud Solution IT offers a complete install, configure, and support the entire IT systems. From specific network design to functioning, no job is too big or small. We provide consultation services and bespoke computer networks that will line up with the exceptional requirements of your way.