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Managed Cloud Services allows businesses to avoid new hiring and training costs.

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In today’s digital world, businesses are increasingly migrating from company-owned IT hardware, software, and services to more cost-effective, flexible and agile IT service models using the latest advances in cloud computing technology. The most significant factor in an organisation’s success in implementing the public cloud infrastructure initiative is to select the right Managed Cloud Services in Australia with the right approach. 

At Cloud Solutions IT, we provide Enterprise-class cloud technology which enables the workloads to be moved between the private data centre and compatible public cloud services. This in turn enables the organisations to not only reduce their IT costs significantly but also augment the service quality and overall business agility. The idea of cloud computing relies on the principle of reusability of IT capabilities. The advantage of cloud computing when compared to ancient grid computing is to boost the horizons across organisational boundaries

Our 3 Distinct Categories Of Managed Cloud Services


Software as a Service (SaaS)

At Cloud Solutions IT, we provide software as a service. In this model, the entire application is provided to the customer, as a service on demand. 

A single instance of the service operates on the cloud & multiple end-users are being serviced. There is no requirement for upfront investment in servers or software licences from the user point of view, while for the provider, the costs are lowered, as only a single application requires to be hosted & maintained.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In this model, we encapsulate the development environment and provide a layer of software as a service, upon which other higher levels of service can be built. 

The customers are free to make their own applications, which operate on the provider’s infrastructure. At Cloud Solution IT, we provide PaaS services like application design, development and hosting.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

At Cloud Solutions IT, we provide IaaS services for providing virtualised computing and network resources. 

IaaS provides basic storage and computing capabilities as standardised services over the network.

Cloud Computing has become more and more significant within companies in the digital era. Almost all the latest corporate IT architectures are made up of at least partially Private or Public Cloud infrastructures. These are more and more crucial to business operations and host significant workloads whose data must be secured and whose operations must be protected against attacks.

Like other applications, networks, and infrastructures, these next-generation IT and Cloud infrastructures must have at least one secure platform to fulfil those requirements. But decentralised and distributed infrastructures do not always make this easy, because simple security solutions without a Cloud interface may not function to their full potential. 

Cyber Security is a critical element and small businesses are reluctant to buy an assurance of business data security from venders. They worry about losing data to the competition. In many instances, the actual storage location is kept isolated, keeping the security concerns of enterprises into consideration. In the existing models, firewalls across data centres (owned by enterprises) protect this sensitive information. The managed cloud Service providers are responsible for maintaining data security.

Our Managed Cloud Services Expected Benefits

Increase output


At Cloud Solutions IT, our managed cloud service providers offer higher automation and effectively manage your business technology. 

This allows you to concentrate more on your major business functions which in turn leads to increased output. 

Also, we provide more business agility thru various management level options.

Cost Effective



Eliminate server-related costs as a result of managed cloud services. 

Further, with cloud consulting services, your business is only required to pay for the services it uses. This trims your overall business costs.




At Cloud Solutions IT, we enable you to utilise shared resources and there is an automated distribution of all computing resources. This brings in increased flexibility. 

Cloud computing focuses on getting applications to market very quickly, by utilising the most appropriate building blocks needed for deployment. 

Further, the employees can access significant data, applications and files to perform their jobs, irrespective of where they are and thus enhance the mobility of the employees


Enhanced resources


Your systems can become accustomed as per the requirements. With the massive Infrastructure that is offered by our managed cloud services, storage & maintenance of large volumes of data is a reality. 

At Cloud Solutions IT, our expert professionals help you to manage the sudden workload spikes effectively & efficiently as the cloud can scale dynamically.


Cost-effective Tailored solutions

At Cloud Solutions IT, we advise cutting-edge programmes to be implemented according to your requirements and budget. 

cloud computing can help your business in building customised and user-friendly applications on an interface. Customisation helps you to outperform your competitors.


When there are security breaches, you have to undergo significant risks like losing valued and potential customers, damage to your reputation in your industry and many others. That’s why a managed cloud service providers should treat client data as if it were their own. The cloud should be made with security as part of the design, not a set of “fixes” applied as an afterthought in response to breaches. 

With our managed cloud services, we will deploy multiple infrastructures appropriate for specific workloads, like CRM, ERP and financials. Our highly configurable platform ensures you have the appropriate size of your server environment from day one and scale as required. We provide programmatic access to the infrastructure which in turn enables the customers to build management tools for their platforms. 

With business-class features like quick service activation and deactivation monitoring the infrastructure and security and patch management, our managed cloud solution is customised so that you can concentrate on your work continuously while we look after the infrastructure. Finally, we optimise the application lifecycle by setting up one infrastructure for the initial application, and another for production, each configured for best results.


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Getting On-Board

It is our mission as a managed service provider to offer an IT support service to our clients that is professional, friendly and communicable. Servicing small and medium-size businesses, we are specialists in medical IT support. This specialisation comes from a deep understanding of the demand of the professional and the modern day reliable on technological support in the medical field.


We pride ourselves on being a point of reliance for our in-demand clients, so we can focus on the technology, while they can concentrate on saving lives.

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