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Cloud Backup And Recovery

Cloud backup and recovery services are important to the protection of your customers’ businesses. As it is said by Forbes, “Businesses these days run in a setting where considerable application downtime and data loss lead simply to mislaid efficiency, lost profits and lost clients. With the hard labor, a perfect backup and recovery practice is within online contact of your business.”


Cloud Solution IT knows the importance of backup and recovery services to all businesses and is dedicated to offering competent and spontaneous tools to abridge the procedure.


Major features and benefits of Cloud Solution IT backup and recovery services:


• Allows you to backup a particular file, an exact application, a complete Windows server and the whole thing in between
• Monitors file modification between backups
• Implements backups fast and successfully to reduce intrusions to your customers’ processes
• Adds a superfluous backup depot that backs up data, yet when there is an Internet outage
• Provides you with the right option to use your servers


Security is our Main Concern


When it comes to taking the time to back up responsive data, you need to make sure that it is safe during the whole procedure. Cloud Solution IT saves data with AES 128-bit encryption and during transfer. Furthermore, our backup and recovery policy supports:
• Client-side encryption
• Private key encryption
• Managed antivirus
• Patch management
• Security-focused storage
• Archiving
• HIPAA compliance
If you are looking for a well-organized and efficient backup and recovery service, Cloud Solution IT is here to assist you.



Let us assist you to manage your risk and save your valuable assets:-

  1. MAINTAIN BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Even as you can’t expect unpredicted actions, we’ll make sure the correct safety measures are prepared to reduce downtime and keep you moving in the right way.

  3. INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Your top priority is customer satisfaction. If your system is not working and you can’t convey, they’ll move ahead to a challenger with a single click. We’ll ensure to constantly surpass customer expectations.

  5. STAY COMPLIANT –Data loss and downtime lead to infringing compliance and legal needs (HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, etc.) which may cause large risk and maximum penalties. We’ll fill any breaches and ensure you to preserve full compliance.

  7. OFFER CLOUD CONTINGENCIES – A backup and recovery plan is necessary when transferring to the cloud. We’ll make sure you have firm methods ready, along with resources to guarantee your data is secure and protected.

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